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Years of production: 1938 - [1942] - 1946. In 1942 the model has got simplified wings and only
one headlight. Perhaps artist A.Zaharov drew the car from postwar photocard, because only
pre-war cars were equipped with bumper and bumper was installed later.
Overall production: 9130 pieces. Completely extincted? If you know anything of this ambulance
survived in any condition, please let me know. Thanks.
4x2 GAZ-AA based 10passenger/6wounded ambulance
pre-1942 GAZ-55, 24k imageEngine: 50hp/2800rpm, 4-cyl, 3285cc
Bore/Stroke: 98.43/107.95 mm
Length: 5425mm, width: 2040mm, height: 2340mm
Wheelbase: 3340mm, road clearance: 200mm
Gearbox: 4 speeds
Weight: 2370 kg
Maximal speed: 70 km/h
Tyres: 6.50-20 inches
pre-1942 GAZ-55, 64k imageFuel tank capacity: 40 L
Fuel consumption: 20.5 L/100km






Wives of commanders of the 9th Motorized Armored Brigade Tyufyakova, Borovkina and Titova brought gifts to soldiers. July 1939. In front-GAZ-M1 light car, at the back - radio station on chassis of GAZ-AA

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